Project Overview - Western Sydney Round One: Wollondilly

RevitaLIVE Wollondilly

Project Summary

Wollondilly Shire Council proposed a multi-date program in which a live music program would be added to a number of existing events and festivals, in order to allow more local businesses to benefit from those events by hosting local artists. The aim of this approach was to assist in the development of local talent, to invigorate the region following extensive damages of the June 2016 storm and to build upon the success of the annual IlluminARTe festival. The project evolved to include an ongoing monthly program with two of the participating venues.

The program was delivered by Wollondilly Council project lead Courtney Turner.

Event Photos

Photo: Brett Atkins
Photo: Andrew Linturn
Photo: Brett Atkins

Event Statistics


Number of Events 17
Venues 15
Attendance (approx.) 16,200


Total 57
Male 39 68%
Female 18 31%


Total 23
Male 13 56%
Female/Mixed Gender 10 44%


Total 55
Male 32 58%
Female/Mixed Gender 23 42%

Create NSW Priority Areas

Youth 8
Indigenous Communities 1

Notable Achievements

  • Venues continued programming live music using artists they had connected with through their participation in the Revitalive program.
  • Council achieved gender equity by adjusting a 68%/31% representation between individual male and female artists to a 56%/43% representation between male and female/mixed gender acts and a 58%/42% representation between male and female/mixed gender performances.
  • Council has used their experience in delivering a Live and Local program to add a portion of live music to all of their future key events, as well as commit to building a stronger nighttime economy focused around live music within Wollondilly


  • “This approach to the program has proved extremely successful coupled with the larger festivals to increase not only artist/band exposure but the profile of Live Music in Wollondilly.” – Courtney Turner, Wollondilly Council Project Lead.
  • “It is has been a great opportunity for me to perform at local venues. It has given me more experience at live performance and has opened doors into new performance opportunities for me.” – Jesse Murphy, Musician

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