Project Overview - Regional NSW Councils: Orange

JAM Saturday

Project Summary

JAM Saturday – the Sound of Orange was a family-oriented one-day (10am–8pm) music festival in the civic heart of Orange, held on 24 March 2018. The event was located in the Robertson Park precinct featuring, cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars, contemporary public spaces, unique retail stores, The Orange City Library, The Orange Regional Gallery and The Orange Regional Museum.

Local artists performed in unique, historic and inspiring venues, within a small radius in the town’s picturesque centre. The micro-festival featured professional musicians of diverse musical genre, exhibitions by local artists, community choirs, ensembles and school bands.

The program was delivered by Orange City Council project lead Glenn Mickle, and curated by local musician collective JAM (Just Add Music) Orange.

Event Photos

Photo: John Kich
Photo: John Kich
Photo: John Kich
Photo: John Kich
Photo: John Kich
Photo: John Kich
Photo: John Kich

Event Statistics


Number of Events 1
Venues 15
Attendance (approx.) 1500


Total 153
Male 104 31%
Female 49 68%


Total 43
Male 17 40%
Female/Mixed Gender 26 60%


Total 66
Male 22 33%
Female/Mixed Gender 44 66%

Create NSW Priority Areas

Youth 74
Indigenous Communities 3
People with Disabilities 2

Notable Achievements

  • Council achieved gender equity through adjusting a 67%/32% representation between individual male and female artists to a 40%/60% representation of male and female/mixed gender acts.
  • Musicians gained more employment after their performances at JAM Saturday
  • Businesses continued programming live music after their involvement in the Live and Local Program.
  • Businesses reported sales increases during the event.


  • Last weekend the JAM Saturday Festival had the town swinging with great music and from all reports it was a resounding success” – Jamie Stedman, OC Life
  • On behalf of my fellow band members I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to perform at the event which we all agreed was a stunning success! As well as visiting other venues we finished up watching the last 3 acts at the Royal Hotel where it was standing room only. I’m sure all the venues would have been thrilled with the business this event generated. The event was well run and the facilities/support for the performers was excellent.” – Artist feedback

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