Project Overview - Regional NSW Councils: Wagga Wagga

Fitz Live

Project Summary

Fitz: Live and Local Wagga took place in 13 Fitzmaurice Street venues clustered in a 500m walking zone between Gurwood and Crampton Streets, Wagga Wagga, over two Saturday afternoons in Autumn 2018. A diverse range of Wagga Wagga musicians performed in a diverse range of local businesses including a butcher, cafés, restaurants, a bike shop, a microbrewery and a pub. Fitz: Live and Local Wagga was held as a pilot project to expose live music to venues that traditionally do not support live music, whilst building capacity with local businesses through best practice models.

The program was delivered by Wagga Wagga City Council project lead Tracie Miller, and curated by local musician Damian Evans.

Event Photos

Event Statistics


Number of Events 2
Venues 12
Attendance (approx.) 1500


Total 37
Male 27 72%
Female 10 27%


Total 21
Male 14 66%
Female/Mixed Gender 7 33%


Total 35
Male 21 60%
Female/Mixed Gender 14 40%

Create NSW Priority Areas

Youth 8
Indigenous Communities 3

Notable Achievements

  • Since the Fitz Live project and building on the confidence that this project injected into artists and venues in the Fitzmaurice Street precinct, Council has delivered a Lost Lanes micro festival. Musicians who worked on the Fitz Live project agreed to team up again with Council and the Tourism Partners to deliver this successful event.
  • Council Annual Grants 18/19 program identified and funded a new category entitled Youth Initiated Projects with several projects funded in the 2018 round which were live music projects supporting young musicians who participated in the Fitz Live project.
  • Council is currently in discussions with their curator about planning another Fitz Live project for 2019 with a different curatorial premise to this year’s program
  • Council achieved gender equity through an adjustment of 72%/27% representation of male and female artists to a 60%/40% representation of male and female/mixed gender performances.


  • “The atmosphere and the vibe of the whole day was fantastic with great equipment and great crowd” – Sam Campbell-McRae, Fitz Live musician
  • “The opportunity to perform original music, the venues that had live music, the amount of musicians especially sound people and curators which were involved, also the amount of people who watched all the acts.” – The Rockpools, Fitz Live band
  • “This was a great event, created a bit of interest, good vibes, we would like to continue it with local student buskers each Saturday & BBQ to help create some energy.’ Fitz Live Business Owner

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