Project Overview - Western Sydney Round One: Camden

Camden Live and Local

Project Summary

Camden Council proposed a one-off event for each year, activating Argyle Street in 2017 and then a new business industrial area in 2018. Each event involved a number of businesses hosting local artists across an afternoon.

The first event was held on 17 June 2017, after which council modified their proposal for Event Two to be held in Argyle Street again, so as to maintain momentum and capacity established with participating venues. The second event was held on 23 June 2018, following a smaller activation on 22 June, organised by the Argyle Street Business Collective who formed as a result of the Live and Local program.

The program was delivered by Camden Council project lead Cheryle Yin Lo, and curated by local musicians Isaac Lewis and Maurice del Santo.

Event Photos

Photo: Silvia Grimm
Photo: Silvia Grimm
Photo: Silvia Grimm
Photo: Silvia Grimm
Photo: Silvia Grimm

Event Statistics


Number of Events 2
Venues 28
Attendance (approx.) 3000


Total 137
Male 82 60%
Female 55 40%


Total 63
Male 28 44%
Female/Mixed Gender 35 56%


Total 85
Male 34 40%
Female/Mixed Gender 51 60%

Create NSW Priority Areas

Youth 67
Indigenous Communities 18

Notable Achievements

  • Due to the overwhelming success of the activation, Camden Council will fund Live and Local as an annual event, using the Live and Local branding.
  • Participating business owners formed the Argyle Street Business Collective after the first event to continue programming live music using the artist database and resources provided through the Live and Local program. They held their first activation as a precursor to Council’s second event, on 22 June 2018.
  • Council achieved gender equity through a 60%/40% representation between individual male and female artists, a 44%/56% representation between male and female/mixed gender acts and a 40%/60% representation between male and female/mixed gender performances.


  • “Blown away by the local talent this Camden is hiding! Really surprised to see this event in Camden” – Camden Live and Local Visitor
  • “My wife and I along with many local Camden residents enjoyed the opportunity provided by Camden Council to listen to the talent of local music artists today. It highlighted the range of venue opportunities available in Camden and we encourage Council to continue with this event. The town centre of Camden was alive up and down Argyle St and it was good to see other businesses open to add to the atmosphere. The outdoor venue behind the NAB bank was ideal and well attended when we heard the young performers of 22 Strings play. Plenty of family about but good community there as well. Well done to all concerned” – Camden Live and Local Visitor

2018 Highlights

2017 Highlights

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