Project Overview - Western Sydney Round One: Cumberland

Gig n Bite

Project Summary

Cumberland City Council proposed and delivered GIG N Bite, a one-day event held on Saturday, 24 March 2018 within the Western Sydney suburb of Granville. The event was held from 3pm and 8pm on a Saturday afternoon/evening across two of Cumberland Council’s busiest eat streets, Railway Parade and South Street, Granville.

The program was delivered by Cumberland Council project lead Moana Kailahi, and curated by local musician Van Sereno.

Event Photos

Photo: Moana Kailahi
Photo: Moana Kailahi
Photo: Moana Kailahi
Photo: Moana Kailahi
Photo: Moana Kailahi
Photo: Moana Kailahi

Event Statistics


Number of Events 1
Venues 12
Attendance (approx.) 3242


Total 58
Male 35 60%
Female 23 40%


Total 22
Male 8 38%
Female/Mixed Gender 14 63%


Total 49
Male 17 34%
Female/Mixed Gender 32 65%

Create NSW Priority Areas

Youth 21
Indigenous Communities 1
People with Disabilities 1

Notable Achievements

  • Participating businesses continued to program live music after the initial Gig n Bite event.
  • As a result of council’s GIG N BITE event, a musician’s network was created as the Cumberland Musicians Network. Members will be invited to participate in the consultation process for developing councils Culture and Activation Strategy.
  • Council achieved gender equity through a 60%/40% representation of individual male and female artists, a 34%/63% representation between male acts and female or mixed gender acts and a 34%/65% representation of male and female/mixed gender performances.


  • “Congratulations on a great event! We don’t get many opportunities to perform in our local area. We always have to travel to the city to perform so it was great to see so many local muso’s jamming in the local area.” – Hinenuiterangi Tairua, musician
  • “Congratulations on a fantastic evening. It was so enjoyable watching people from different cultures enjoy music and culture and food across the street.  Really showed the meaning of community” – Ella Sterland, musician
  • “I was only walking through to get to the station, but ended up staying to enjoy the music” – Gig N Bite visitor

Event Video

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